In 2010, when Tyson Griffith submitted his demo to Dream Real he had no idea it would have led him on the upward journey that he is on today. His premiere gig found him playing at Sugar Ultra Lounge’s Christmas Party from which he was added to the primary roster of deejays at the exclusive club. He often shares the stage with some of his own personal favourite deejays like Scratch Master and Puffy.

TG’s love affair with music started when he was just a boy who often saved his lunch money to buy cassette tapes of his favourite pop, hip hop and dancehall hits. He used to try his hand at mixing when he was only ten years old and continued being the “noise of the house” until he followed his dream and started his career as a DJ. As a result, TG has played at private parties, weddings,and VIP events.
TG also currently serves as Assistant Programming Director at Capital Media HD.
He currently has his eyes set on gigs across the region and as TG’s star continues to rise he hopes to one day play internationally.